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Mike Hamill and the Life Changing Butterfly Sofa

23 Nov 2021

Since 2005, Ambient Lounge has already been in the market to provide individuals with high-quality bean bags. Over the years, it has added more product lines to cater to all market categories, including pets. Our Ambient Lounge’s Butterfly Sofa is one of a kind. One of Ambient’s valued customers, Mike Hamill, shared a touching story of how this particular product created so much impact on his daily life, especially in terms of comfort and health.

Butterfly Sofa by Ambient

Butterfly Sofa is one of the bean bag types Ambient offers. It has curvy support that can surround body, especially your back. This unique quilted chair has internal elastics, sturdy high-seating, and anti-tilt support that can prevent you from tumbling over. Its wide seating and contoured armrests create a firm brace for the user.

Mike Hamill’s Story

Mike Hamill is one of Ambient Lounge’s clients last August 2021. He is a 62-year old man who has Athetoid Cerebral Palsy with Spastic Dystonia. This condition pushes his body to him do involuntary movements; Aside from that, his body appears to be asymmetric due to slight scoliosis and upper anticlockwise rotation in his spine.

He used to have a bean bag that perfectly molded his back every time he sat on it during his teenage years. However, now that he is in his 60s, sitting down on a soft bean bag makes it hard for him to get up from the floor. As he searched for an elevated bean bag on the internet, he found Ambient Lounge’s Butterfly Sofa.

It was an answered prayer for Mike. His eyes almost popped out when he saw the same bean bag as what he was looking for ---- higher off the floor, shaped to scallop his body and back.

“I found Ambient Lounge Butterfly sofa’s on a google search and my eyes nearly popped out when I read that they are actually a “beanbag” on steroids, higher off the floor and the shaped scalloped back gives me a huge feeling of support to my wonky back and body, yahoo!!!”

The Ambient Lounge Service

Not having any second thoughts, Mike placed his order instantly-- luscious grey butterfly sofa and ottoman. Soon enough, he received his order, and one of the employees of Ambient Lounger suggested using some foam and beans on top of the upper base of the sofa. Mike followed the advice and was very happy with how it turned out. It created a significant difference on his part. No rubbing or pressure points to his 52-kg body.

The Benefit of Using the Butterfly Bean Bag According to Mike

According to Mike, having a skinny body with constant spastic movements is a struggle. Aside from the bean bag itself, the ottoman bean bag he ordered also appeared to contribute so much to him. He is using it to rest his tired hyper-tone legs on.

“A dream came true when I fell-in-love with my Ambient Lounge Butterfly Sofa, so many thanks to Lana and the team that helped this dream become a reality….”

- Mike Hamill


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