​Bean Bags: Your Key to Deep Pressure Therapy for Autism

​Bean Bags: Your Key to Deep Pressure Therapy for Autism

30 Mar 2022
by Aly Alcantara

Deep Pressure Therapy for Autism

Every year, 1 out of 150 children is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) also known as autism. Having autism makes it a challenge to socialize, communicate and cause the development of certain repetitive behaviours. Over time and through years and years of research, many types of therapy have been developed, tried and tested. A form of therapy that has been found to be very effective is having deep pressure therapy using bean bag chairs for a person diagnosed with autism.

What is Deep Pressure Therapy?

Bean bag therapy or deep pressure therapy allows a person with autism to feel the appropriate amount of pressure that stimulates their nervous system and eventually promotes calming feelings. Deep pressure therapy or bean bag therapy has been found to be most rewarding especially when a child with autism is expressing violent behaviours. Having bean bag furniture in your home helps calm them down and prevents them from hurting themselves when these episodes happen.

Why Bean Bags?

Bean bag chairs are filled with foam, beans or beads to take their shape. This type of material provides safety and at the same time the pressure that children with autism needs. Anyone who has experiences with patients with autism knows that one other important thing other than the appropriate therapy is also providing a safe space to make sure gifted patients don’t hurt his/herself.

Bean Bags and Special Needs Education

Bean bags have become a very popular choice of teaching tool for SPED instructors and parents. People with autism have a sensory disconnect with the things and people around them. The goal is to make them more aware. Unlike using hard wooden, plastic and metal chairs, bean bag chairs allow one to take a more free form when sitting down. In a way, the child or an adult with autism does not feel restricted. Bean bags are a great way to tap into a child’s imagination. Ask them to help out in rearranging bean bags around the room or have them play pretend using the bean bags.

Bean Bag Recommendations

When it comes to bean bag needs, Ambient Lounge has got you covered. We provide you with a selection of bean bags to choose from whether as seating, tables or decor. When purchasing bean bags for your home, your bedroom or for classrooms, the function goes hand in hand with style when you shop from Ambient Lounge. Here are a few of our recos:

Ballistic Black Space Pod from Ambient Lounge in New Zealand

  • Space Pod - Coming in two colours of black and red together with a sleek and futuristic design, nobody can resist lounging in Ambient Lounge’s space pod. A couple of these in your child’s bedroom or in a SPED classroom can work wonders in calming and engaging with people with autism.

Titanium Weave Mod 4 Corner Deluxe from Ambient Lounge in New Zealand

  • Modular Sets - Ambient Lounge came out with modular bean bag loungers that allow you to expand comfort. With the modular sets, you can welcome a bigger part of guests to experience the supreme comfort of Ambient Lounge with you or even let your kids play in it. Unlike other luxury loungers, rough play and rowdy jumping would not be a problem.

Oceana Satellite Luxury Twin Sofa from Ambient Lounge in New Zealand

  • Satellite Luxury Twin Sofa - Ambient Lounge’s luxury twin sofa was originally designed for lounging outdoors but who said you can enjoy this indoors? The twin sofa is big enough for two but this feels like a cloud for one. Any kid whether diagnosed with autism or now will enjoy spending his/her time sank into an Ambient Lounge Satellite Twin Sofa.

Sakura Pink Butterfly Sofa from Ambient Lounge in New Zealand

  • Butterfly Sofa - One of Ambient Lounge’s best selling products is the Butterfly Sofa. This style comes in a selection for outdoor and indoor and in a variety of fabric colours and textures. Having a Butterfly Sofa to lounge into is comfort at its finest. Soft enough to keep you comfortable but firm to support you and your body.

Final Thoughts

Any parent with a child diagnosed with autism would do anything to provide the best care and to help them manage the condition. While Ambien Lounger products are great for normal everyday use, it is heartwarming to know that our products do more than provide both style and comfort for homes and other establishments.

Deep pressure therapy using bean bags has been found to be one of the most effective ways to manage autism. Whether you decide to fill your home with bean-filled furniture from chairs, tables or pillows, there will always be something from Ambient Lounge.