Give your favourite feline the gift of soft and luxurious lounging on a special cat bed matched with the best cat bed accessories. Choose from a variety of cat bed covers, a cat bed hoodie that comes with a ball to play with. This will surely help your kitty make the most out of the 9 lives!

pawz in 'da hood

hide in heavenly comfort

cat bed with hoodie

Available in hoodie and regular bed
cat bed hoodie
cat bed

You know our cats love to climb inside things that feel safe & cuddly. It’s an adventure (& instinct) as well as a home. This may well be the most cozy, snuggly, heavenly place they've ever been. It’s irresistible not to climb inside

discover layers of love

quilty pleasure & thermal design

There is a lifetime of quilted, waterproof soft luxury under the bonnet of your cat bed. Thermal for all seasons & waterproof.

bring on the

bite & claw-resistant durable base

You know how it is cats have an itch & you know they'll scratch it. Your sofa & table legs look tempting, so do your curtains claws sink in & leave triumphant marks. But not with this bed. Cats cant penetrate the base. (Best they go back to that table!)