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Greyhound resting on a large luxury dog bed from ambient lounge in New Zealand

Set and Go! Proper Care and Finding the Right Greyhound Dog Bed

04 Apr 2022
Getting to know Greyhounds Originally, this breed was for hunting hares, foxes and deers. Reaching up to 72kph, these dogs are bred to chase after lures, thus them being known as the cheetah of dogs. These dogs are trained to run around an...
Eco weave butterfly sofa for deep pressure therapy from Ambient Lounge in New Zealand

​Bean Bags: Your Key to Deep Pressure Therapy for Autism

30 Mar 2022
Every year, 1 out of 150 children is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) also known as autism. Having autism makes it a challenge to socialize, communicate and cause the development of certain repetitive behaviours. Over...
French bulldog dog relaxing on a ballerina pink dog bed from Ambient Lounge in New Zealand

Dog Bed Remedy: Do Calming Dog Beds Work?

26 Jan 2022
Some may not believe it, but our canine friends can experience depression and anxiety too. This is mainly caused by being alone for too long, missing a canine or human companion, or random things like losing a favourite toy or being bored due...
Young lady lounging on a Carefree Grey Twin Satellite Sofa from Ambient Lounge in New Zealand

Top 4 Ways to Make a Relaxing Outdoor Area at Home

30 Dec 2021
Some people get relaxed when they see greenery, while some prefer a dark area with dimmed lights or a bonfire. We are so occupied and stressed doing many things that we need a little bit of relaxation once in a while. People long to feel relaxed...

How to Create a Home Theatre

08 Nov 2021
Now that lockdowns have become even more strict in New Zealand, Kiwis are left with no other choice but to stay at home. People everywhere had to get creative and think of ways to keep themselves from getting bored and still live as normally as...

Keeping Dogs Comfortable Outdoors: A Pet Bed Built for Your Belgian Malinois

13 Oct 2021
Often thought to be the lesser kin of a German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois , and German Shepherds are unrelated breeds. This breed was initially bred in Belgium as working dogs to herd cattle. Eventually, they were brought into much heavier tasks...

Keeping German Shepherds Happy & Healthy: Creating the Perfect Home and Finding The Best Dog Bed

13 Oct 2021
by Aly Alcantara
When you think of police dogs, you immediately think of German Shepherds, right? The German Shepherd is an exceptional working dog breed that is known for its impeccable skills and trainability. Known for their loyalty and confidence, German...

Your Go-To Dog Bed for Golden Retrievers

13 Oct 2021
by Aly Alcantara
Golden Retrievers are medium-sized Scottish dogs that have become quite a stunner as working dogs. This breed is extremely good at hunting, tracking, sniffing, and even doing well as therapy and service dogs. Don’t be surprised if you see them...

Top Tips in Decorating a Space with Pink

12 Oct 2021
Often considered as too girly or feminine, pink was not always considered as one of the tops of best color choices when decorating spaces and homes. Homeowners usually fear that using pink will result in overkill and have their homes end up...

A Tough Enough-Soft Enough Bed for Labrador Retrievers

11 Oct 2021
by Aly Alcantara
Let's cut to the chase, Labrador Retrievers are one of the world's finest dogs, but we all know how active this breed is. Owning a dog means being responsible for their health and their quality of life. This includes regular veterinary visits, a...

How Do I Care for an Old Dog? Tender Loving Care and the Best Pet Bed

10 Oct 2021
by Aly Alcantara
Dogs do not age the same way humans do. Human years to dog years is seven times as fast, making one human year equivalent to seven dog years. As your furry friend starts to age, their needs begin to change as well. Dogs typically enter their...
border collie on ambient lounge dog bed

What are the Top10 Dog Breeds in New Zealand for 2021?

08 Sep 2021
by Aly Alcantara
What are the Top10 Dog Breeds in New Zealand for 2021? Every New Zealand dog has a different personality, varying temperament & unique characteristics the require different elements of owner pet care. We Kiwis are known to have a...
new zealand modular home cinema furniture by ambient lounge

The Pandemic & New Zealand Furniture - Market Trends that have set in for 2021 & 2022

21 Mar 2021
Furniture in New Zealand has changed since the first wave of Covid19 hit the world in early 2020, forcing a new world of consumer behavior that has fast-tracked development in some areas by 10+ years New Zealand mums, dads and grandma's &...

Re-developing Christchurch - 5 Years after the Quake

06 Mar 2016
The 2011 Christchurch earthquake left an enormous mark on New Zealand. People will never forget one of the country’s worst natural disasters and will forever mourn the loss of human life. Parts of Christchurch were severely affected by the...

Soften up! Introducing a New Zealand (Soft) Modular Revolution

06 Mar 2016
A soft mod. revolution is set to land in New Zealand in October 2017. "The comfort of a bean bag. The fabric, style & structure of a high-end lounge suite. This is designer modular lounge quality furniture made for a better quality of NZ...

Five of the Best : Auckland Homes to Fall in Love with

21 Jan 2016
Each month Ambient Lounge New Zealand will feature a "5 of the best" series of design related topics hand picked by our people. This month we look at Beautiful Auckland Homes. Each year the New Zealand Institute of Architects announces the...

Decking out in NZ Style – How to make the most of your precious outside space

17 Jan 2016
It's summer now in New Zealand and it's (generally) warm ... so let's make the most of it. Summer is that time of the year when you want just to unwind and spend those sunny days outside with a cold bevvy and maybe a good book or magazine....

Give the gift of comfort this Kiwi Xmas. Our bean bags AND beans all come gift packaged.

26 Nov 2015
That time of year again... and you're trying to madly think of how you're gonna WOW your girlfriend, boyfriend, or family with a gift that they are gonna love . They have been by your side all year and deserve something great right? But all you...

Jonah Lomu - we salute you - in remembrance of an iconic NZ legend

19 Nov 2015
by James Brandon
Our entire Ambient Lounge team were saddened to read of the sudden death of the All Black's most legendary player and global rugby ambassador, Jonah Lomu. Such a great guy and thunderous champ gone too soon... and achingly so close to the...

New NZ website coming soon ......

12 Nov 2015
by James Brandon
Bear with us folks, we've got some super exciting new products to show here in New Zealand for the summer, autumn and beyond and they need to be showcased in all their glory with a brand spanking new NZ Ambient Lounge website. In our...