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border collie on ambient lounge dog bed

What are the Top10 Dog Breeds in New Zealand for 2021?

08 Sep 2021
What are the Top10 Dog Breeds in New Zealand for 2021? Every New Zealand dog has a different personality, varying temperament & unique characteristics the require different elements of owner pet care. We Kiwis are known to have a...
new zealand modular home cinema furniture by ambient lounge

The Pandemic & New Zealand Furniture - Market Trends that have set in for 2021 & 2022

21 Mar 2021
by James Brandon
Furniture in New Zealand has changed since the first wave of Covid19 hit the world in early 2020, forcing a new world of consumer behavior that has fast-tracked development in some areas by 10+ years New Zealand mums, dads and grandma's &...

Re-developing Christchurch - 5 Years after the Quake

06 Mar 2016
by James Brandon
The 2011 Christchurch earthquake left an enormous mark on New Zealand. People will never forget one of the country’s worst natural disaster and will forever mourn the loss of human life. Parts of Christchurch were severely affected by the...

Soften up! Introducing a New Zealand (Soft) Modular Revolution

06 Mar 2016
by James Brandon
  A soft mod. revolution is set to land in New Zealand in October 2017.  "The comfort of a bean bag. The fabric, style & structure of a high-end lounge suite. This is  designer modular lounge furniture  made...

Five of the Best : Auckland Homes to Fall in Love with

21 Jan 2016
by James Brandon
Each month Ambient Lounge New Zealand will feature a "5 of the best" series of design related topics hand picked by our people. This month we look at  Beautiful Auckland Homes. Each year the New Zealand Institute of...

Decking out in NZ Style – How to make the most of your precious outside space

17 Jan 2016
by James Brandon
It's summer now in New Zealand and it's (generally) warm ... so let's make the most of it. Summer is that time of the year when you want just to unwind and spend those sunny days outside with a cold bevvy and maybe a good book...

Give the gift of comfort this Kiwi Xmas. Our bean bags AND beans all come gift packaged.

26 Nov 2015
by James Brandon
That time of year again... and you're trying to madly think of how you're gonna WOW your girfriend, boyfriend or family with a gift that they are gonna love. They have been by your side all year and deserve something great right? But all...

Jonah Lomu - we salute you - in remembrance of an iconic NZ legend

19 Nov 2015
by James Brandon
Our entire Ambient Lounge team were saddened to read of the sudden death of the All Black's most legendary player and global rugby ambassador, Jonah Lomu. Such a great guy and thunderous champ gone too soon... and achingly so close to the...

New NZ website coming soon ......

12 Nov 2015
by James Brandon
Bear with us folks, we've got some super exciting new products to show here in New Zealand for the summer, autumn and beyond and they need to be showcased in all their glory with a brand spanking new NZ Ambient Lounge website. In our...

Road Testing our new Outdoor Bean Bags in Queenstown... life's tough!

11 Mar 2015
by James Brandon
We have all worked jobs before that make it hard to get out of bed in the morning ... but life's good when you are in the lesiure industry testing bean bags. However, we at head office think our Ambient Lounge NZ development team could...

The New Zealand Summer's not far away - Satellite Twin Sofa of the decking or balcony anyone?

30 Sep 2014
by James Brandon
Summer's not too far away now and we can almost feel the warmth creeping into our lives again here in New Zealand. Make the most of every ray of sunshine with the NEW Satellite Twin quilted outdoor bean bags. From $249 for our premium covers...

Attention New Zealand Home Cinema Lovers - Avatar Bean Bags are now in stock.

31 Aug 2014
by James Brandon
For those that love the conforts of premium Gold Class Home Cinema, we have the ultimate creature comfort for your new zealand home available now. The Avatar Home Cinema Bean Bag (pictured below in Tundra Spring Fabric) is now is stock on...

5 Damn good Reasons why New Zealand Is the Best Place to Own a Bean Bag

31 Jul 2014
by James Brandon
5 Reasons New Zealand Is the Best Place to Own a Bean Bag For those of us in New Zealand, then you better invest in a designer bean bag because it is one of the best places on earth to sit and reflect about the slice of heaven that...

Feelin' super Cold in New Zealand this winter? Get Cozy on an Interior Fabric bean Bag by Ambient Lounge

13 Jul 2014
by James Brandon
Although New Zealand has winter and temperatures that can drop below zero degrees, it still remains, in general, milder than the harsh coldness of Canada, Britain and other parts of the world. That does not mean, however, that us kiwis do not...

NZ Travel Guide: What's the Ultimate Bean bag Chill-out New Zealand Destination?

29 Jun 2014
by James Brandon
When you’re in one of the best places in the world, you expect to find only the coolest attractions and activities—and New Zealand doesn’t disappoint. One of the major reasons why tourists flock here and thousands prefer to call...

Remember the bad old days of NZ furniture? Bean Bags ain't what they used to be! (thank god)

26 Jun 2014
by James Brandon
Bean bags available in New Zealand are not what they used to be – From Kooky Kitsch to Designer Furniture Parents... you all remember the fun you used to have with your old vinyl bean bags as kids?  They looked pretty crappy but...

Why Bean Bags Are Creeping into So Many New Zealand Home Cinemas

22 Jun 2014
by James Brandon
  More New Zealand Home owners are now supersizing their LCD screens. These days many are prefering to add full blown “cinemas” into their houses as a way of increasing their value, inviting more guests, and saving more...

What’s the Perfect New Zealand Outdoor Decking Furniture? Designer Bean Bags.

21 Jun 2014
by James Brandon
  What’s the Perfect New Zealand Outdoor Decking Furniture? New Zealand is considered as one of the most beautiful countries in the world (not just by us Kiwis), with very pristine surroundings, fresh air, and lots of...

Watch the World Cup in comfort in New Zealand on Ambient Lounge Bean Bags

13 Jun 2014
by James Brandon
  Us Kiwis all agree that it's a big shame that New Zealand aren't in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Who can forget our unbeaten streak at the 2010 South African World Cup when we drew with the likes of Italy? (but still didnt...

Christmas orders? All Ambient Lounge® NZ deliveries come Gift Packaged - order your bean bags by 18th December

04 Dec 2013
by James Brandon
  Christmas in New Zealand is all about summer and the great outdoors. You can just smell the delicious food being prepared on the BBQ on the backyard decking right now ... mmm. It's also the time for giving. Giving the gift of...