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Set and Go! Proper Care and Finding the Right Greyhound Dog Bed

Set and Go! Proper Care and Finding the Right Greyhound Dog Bed

04 Apr 2022

Set and Go! Proper Care and Finding the Right Greyhound Dog Bed

Getting to know Greyhounds

Originally, this breed was for hunting hares, foxes and deers. Reaching up to 72kph, these dogs are bred to chase after lures, thus them being known as the cheetah of dogs. These dogs are trained to run around an oval course where people could bet on their winning dog just like in horse races. With its high energy, they require a routine that includes intense exercises that allows them to use their energy. Greyhounds are not just for sports and competitions. Over the years, people have come to love and adore having these four-legged athletes as companions. When you do decide to keep them at home, be sure to provide them with the proper care, training and accessories that they need like the perfect greyhound dog bed to keep them cosy, happy, healthy and warm.

Black Greyhound resting on a large luxury dog bed from Ambient Lounge in New Zealand

Greyhounds at Home

Greyhounds don’t always chase after tennis balls or lures, they are also known to be great house dogs that love to lounge beside you at home. However talented and skilled these dogs are, they are simply a treat to have at home. Popular celebrities like Kylie Jenner own Greyhounds which goes to show that this breed can also be a house pet. Your Greyhound can be quite the active athlete but he/she can also become such a couch potato. This breed is extremely affectionate and would love to cuddle with you at home. It is also important to note that Greyhounds are prone to experiencing loneliness when you leave them for long hours and especially days.

Greyhound lounging on a large luxury dog bed from ambient lounge in New Zealand

Proper Care & The Perfect Greyhound Dog Bed

If you are planning to own a Greyhound, remember that they do not tolerate extreme weather really well. This dog breed will have difficulty in both cold winter seasons and hot summer days. Sleeping on a really cold floor is not something that your Greyhound would be happy doing. Support your four-legged pal with the best Greyhound dog bed there is. Do not just settle for pillows or cheap beds that you find when you type “greyhound dog beds for sale”. Consider looking into dog beds that support your dog's needs and support you as a pet owner as well. Ambient Lounge Luxury Dog Beds is a match made in heaven for Greyhounds. Our luxury dog beds come with a faux fur top that adds comfort and warmth. This is also a plus for dog owners because the top easily comes off if you feel the need to clean it.

Greyhound sleeping on a large luxury dog bed from ambient lounge in New Zealand

We know that dogs can be messy which is why we made these pet beds to be waterproof. Looking for the right Greyhound dog bed that meets your pup’s needs is not so hard anymore if you think about it. You can even select from a variety of colours that matches your dog’s personality and your home interior. Worried about picking the right size? Our Greyhound dog bed’s can be as big as you’d like if you plan to give your dog the space to stretch or you can get a medium sized bed. After a long day of training and exercise, allow your dog to retire and rest easy on a soft and cosy Greyhound dog bed. With the right choice of colour and size, even you as a paw-rent would be pleased to see how well your dog would sleep through the night or even during afternoon nap times.

Three dogs peacefully lounging on an XXL luxury dog bed from ambient lounge in New Zealand

Final Thoughts

There is the right dog breed for everybody. However, owning a dog is both a privilege and a responsibility. Greyhounds may be the right dog for you but see to it that you are up to the task of becoming a dog owner. Provide your dog with the right food, treats, tons of time and the best dog bed for Greyhounds! Head on over to Ambient Lounge and get shopping!


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