Top NZ Dog Names & What They Mean

Top NZ Dog Names & What They Mean

24 Apr 2023
by Aly Alcantara

Naming a brand new puppy or a new dog is always exciting in a dog owner’s life. The name that you’ll be giving your dog will be his or her identity, and how everyone will call him or her. You could be wondering how to name your dog, so to help you out, here are some top NZ dog names and what they mean.

You can name your dog because of a trait that he or she has, or maybe there’s a name that you just really love the meaning of.

Top NZ Dog Names for Female Dogs

  • Bella-The name “Bella” originates in Italy. It means beauty and grace. If you feel like your dog exudes beauty and feels like a “Bella”, then Bella it is.

  • Molly - Molly has been commonly used for female dogs for many years. Other than it being an appealing name for a female dog, Molly was inspired by a famous dog of the same name. Molly, the sheepdog, was a real-life hero in the UK during WWII and was trained to search for survivors in bombed buildings. Ever since then, Molly became a symbol of hope and courage among all dog names.
  • Poppy - Poppy is simply chosen for its pleasant sound and pronunciation. Plus, Poppy is a name of a bright red flower that associates with peace, beauty, and success.
  • Ruby - A precious gemstone that is known for its deep red colour. Ruby is often chosen for dogs with reddish coats or as a nod to the gemstone itself. You can never go wrong with Ruby, a classic and beautiful choice for your female dogs.
  • Luna - Derived from the Latin word “luna”, which means “moon”. Luna has long been a symbol of mystery, beauty, and power. Luna is often chosen for female dogs with silver and grey coats, and also for dogs that have calm and serene personalities. With its association with the beauty and power of the moon, you can’t fail with such a lovely and evocative name for our beloved furry friends.

  • Rosie - Rosie is the cutie form of the name Rose. A rose is a beautiful and fragrant flower that is widely known to be a symbol of love and beauty for centuries. Rosie is the perfect name for female dogs with a sweet and gentle disposition or female dogs with reddish or pinkish fur. Overall, Rosie is a timeless and charming choice for our girlies.
  • Coco - Did you know? In French, Coco is the nickname of the name “Colette” which significantly defines “victorious people”. And because of its associations with sweetness and warmth, naming your dog Coco is a must for your playful and cheerful female dogs.
  • Lucy - Came from the Latin word “Lucia”, Lucy has been a representation of light and joy. With the bright and energetic personalities of dogs, Lucy became a popular female dog name for our furbabies who brighten up our lives.
  • Lola - In African culture, the name “Lola” is a symbol of “pearls”. Lola has various meanings to different cultures but the light and spunky feel this dog name gives us is a lively and upbeat choice for a female dog.
  • Roxy - Roxy is short for “Roxanne”. In Greek, Roxanne is a sign of “dawn” or “bright”. Hence, the dog name Roxy is well-suited to dogs who love to run and play whether they are indoors or outdoors. And it is a fun and energetic choice for a dog! Exciting, isn’t it?

Top NZ Dog Names for Male Dogs

  • Charlie - Charlie is a variant of the name “Charles”, which is a popular name among European royalty and nobility. With its warm and approachable sound, Charlie is the best dog name for dogs with friendly and loyal personalities.
  • Max - Short form of Maximilian, the dog name Max has Latin roots that represent being the largest or greatest and is often given as the name of Medieval Europe kings and rulers. Featuring its bold and assertive sound, this dog name is for dogs who love taking charge and are natural leaders.

  • Buddy - You already know Buddy is a term of endearment and is believed to have originated from the word “brother”. If your male dog loves to be around people and other animals, then Buddy is an endearing choice for our friendly furry companions.
  • Toby - Toby is the name of the faithful dog in the novel and movie “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Dog owners love this dog name because of its association with goodness and obedience. So when the favourite bonding of your male dog is to spend time with their human family, Toby is the way to go.

  • Oscar - With its Irish origin, Oscar is derived from the Irish name “Osgar” or “Oscur” which means “deer lover” or “friend of deer”. If your dog has a strong and independent character, you can always count on this popular male dog name.
  • Archie - Archie comes from German elements that represent being genuine and precious. This dog name is easy to say and remember, no wonder why many dog owners choose this dog name for their male dogs.
  • Alfie - Alfie is the baby-sized form of the Old English name Alfred, which means “elf counsel” or “wise counsellor”. So if your dog is one of the smartest dog breeds, Alfie has a nice ring to it!
  • Jack - In modern Irish, the name Jack is considered a modification of the name James or John and is typically spelled as “Sean”. In a dog context, Jack is a superb choice for dogs who love to run in the wild. Jack is a symbol of bravery, adventure, and good fortune.
  • Cooper - The name “Cooper” has a rich history in Medieval England due to its association with the maker and repairer of barrels or casks. As years go by, it became a common name for dogs as well. Nowadays, this is the ideal name for big male dogs who are pure, well-trained, and loyal.
  • Ollie - An adaptation of the name Oliver, Ollie became a well-known dog name in recent years due to its Old French and Germanic origins. In addition, Ollie is a short and easy calling for male dogs who are fun-loving, friendly, and sportive to both humans and animals.

How to Name Your Dogs in NZ

If you still aren’t sure what and how to name your dog, here are a few tips that you may want to take.

  1. Keep dog names short. One to two syllables would be the best way forward when it comes to the length of your dog’s name. This will allow you faster communication with your dog, and it makes it easier for him or her to remember.

  2. Make sure it doesn’t sound like commands. Remember that dogs do not really understand every word that you say. They mostly depend on the tone and sound in order to interpret what it means. Avoid naming your dog something that sounds like common commands like “no” and “sit”. This will save you both a lot of confusion.

  3. Pick a positive-sounding name. Like when you name a child or when you get a chance to pick a name for
    yourself, you’d want to keep it positive. Avoid names that mean something bad or negative. Remember that this will be something that you will be calling your dog when you are out running and this is what you’ll put when you fill out forms at the vet.

When you get a new dog, picking out a dog name is one of the first few things that you do. Next would be grabbing what you need to keep your dog happy, comfy and healthy. Check out dog beds and dog accessories by ambient lounge®.


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