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Decking out in NZ Style – How to make the most of your precious outside space

17 Jan 2016
by James Brandon

It's summer now in New Zealand and it's (generally) warm ... so let's make the most of it.

Summer is that time of the year when you want just to unwind and spend those sunny days outside with a cold bevvy and maybe a good book or magazine. Having a fabulous outdoor space in your house where you can relax or have fun with your friends or family is a dream for many New Zealanders. With a deck, the great outdoors dream can be a reality at a surprisingly small cost. A well-planned and organized deck can do wonders for your home and give you that well-deserved place where you can escape and soak up the sun. Let’s look at some unique ideas for a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing deck design.

Whether you are building a new deck from scratch or you are remodelling your old one, it’s important to have in mind the architecture of your house. Plan accordingly and use similar textured complimentary materials. After all, the deck is an extension of your home. Blending or contrasting can work and use the angles to create superb design. Keep it open and spacious if you have that luxury.

When planning your deck, remember to compartmentalize and don't cram or overdo it. Create different sections that you’ll use for various activities, like entertainment, cooking, relaxing and others. Use suitable furniture and place it in such a way that people have at least one meter of space to walk around.  A great piece of furniture for the relaxing area can be a designer outdoor bean bag. Ambient Lounge has a wide variety of outdoor bean bags that can be successfully used for all your deck furnishing needs, from soft Sunbrella fabrics to the more affordable elements range.  

Why not Add a roof, sail or a pergola to your deck to protect it from the elements and the sun? A pergola is ideal when you want to enjoy the sun, but you also wish to avoid those powerful rays. Placing some plants will make your deck more cool in the summer and even add some privacy if they are tall enough. Further, decorate your deck with mood lights like solar lamps so you can stay up until late and enjoy those beautiful summer nights.

There are many ways in which you can transform your deck, and it’s up to you to choose the ones that fit your personality and needs best. It's a lifestyle choice that will keep on giving for those of us Kiwis that are outdoors people at heart.