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Dog Bed Remedy: Do Calming Dog Beds Work?

26 Jan 2022
by James Brandon

Some may not believe it, but our canine friends can experience depression and anxiety too. This is mainly caused by being alone for too long, missing a canine or human companion, or random things like losing a favourite toy or being bored due to inactivity.

Border Collie Lounging on a Large Luxury Dog Bed from Ambient Lounge in New Zealand

A calming dog bed is one of the known remedies to help a dog cope with stress and anxiety. However, do not expect all dog beds to work. Calming dog beds are designed specifically for what your fur baby needs. Check out how to pick out the best calming dog bed in New Zealand and where to get one.

Does it feel and smell right?

Puppies spend their first few months snuggled up with their brothers and sisters and their mom. Not having the ability to see during the first week, a pup finds security and comfort with the touch and scent of family nearby. That works the same way with a dog bed.

Remember that our loved canines have a 10,000 to 100,000 times stronger sense of smell than us, which means that they can easily pick up the scent present on a bed. This works primarily with beds that are lined or topped with fur.

Ambient Lounge created dog beds that have an interchangeable faux fur top. You can choose from a variety of colours that fit your home and your dog’s personality, as well as sizes where your dog will fit in. Speaking of fit, that is another thing that you want to consider.

Do I fit?

Dogs come in different breeds of different sizes. It’s essential to make sure that your anxious or stressed-out dog can hop on and curl or stretch if they feel the need to. Try to think of it as literal as “not fitting in.”

Also, dogs will usually sleep in a curled-up position, some more than others. Sometimes, even if they do not fit, they will do whatever it takes to make themselves fit in the bed. Having a larger or more spacious space to stretch out and find the right places for its furry doggy parts will provide your dog with more room to stretch and avoid any discomfort.

Whether you have a dog as small as a chihuahua or a humongous great dane, trust and believe that Ambient Lounge has the perfect calming dog bed for your pooch; let’s face it, you can’t expect that there is a “standard-sized” dog bed that will fit different types of dog breeds.

Of course, you would want a dog bed that is not only big enough but also is not too overwhelming to your dog. With Ambient Lounge’s selection of sizes from small to extra-large, every dog breed fits!

Is it too cold? Is it too hot?

Indeed, no one would buy a dog bed for the winter and one for the summer. However, what if there is a dog bed that is versatile enough for any weather and any environment?

Is it getting too cold? Dog beds with a faux fur top are perfect for keeping your dog warm and cozy! Is it time to hit the beach or stay by the pool? Don’t forget to bring your doggo along and switch the top with a Thermoquilt cover that happens to be waterproof. What’s more?

Ambient Lounge Thermoquilt covers can be used with Ambient Lounge cooling mats! Simply store the mats in the freezer for a while and slide them in the pockets underneath. Voila! Your dog can stay cool under the sun with you.

Final Thoughts

Long story short, dogs can become anxious and stressed just like people. If you decide to go on a trip and can’t bring them along, having a calming dog bed at home to keep their spirits up while away is advisable. Calming dog beds are widely available in New Zealand and all over the world.

However, consider the functions before making your purchase. Go with a dog bed that calms your dog during stressful times, has enough sizes and colours to choose from, and has the most effortless cleaning capability.

Cleaning a dog bed can become stressful if you have to soak the whole thing, wring it by hand, or use a dryer and wait for it to dry out under the sun. By the time you finish, you will be the one needing the calming dog bed.

Ambient Lounge Luxury Dog Beds were designed to satisfy both the fur parent and the fur baby, which is why the pet beds are entirely waterproof! This means that minor accidents here and there would not be such a problem.

One of the most incredible things that you can say about Ambient Lounge dog beds is that they are built for high-energy growing dogs. These are wholly chew-proof and scratch proof. Try to believe it! A dog could go crazy trying to dig a hole in the bed, and it will remain to look fabulous. One dog bed from Ambient Lounge is all you need, and it will last a dog’s lifetime.


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