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Five of the Best : Auckland Homes to Fall in Love with

21 Jan 2016
by James Brandon

Each month Ambient Lounge New Zealand will feature a "5 of the best" series of design related topics hand picked by our people. This month we look at Beautiful Auckland Homes.

Each year the New Zealand Institute of Architects announces the New Zealand Architecture Awards. The awards display the best examples of design and architecture that New Zealand has to offer. With an emphasis on creativity and technical knowledge, the awards celebrate the greatest achievements in the field. Each entry is chosen from the Local awards category and judged by a panel of experts using a list of carefully selected criteria. In this article, we will look at five of the best homes from Auckland that have won the Local Architecture Awards and see what makes them special.

1.  Castle Rock House

Designed by Herbst Architects Ltd, the Castle Rock House has a stunning beach view and it’s the perfect holiday retreat for . With a rustic feel and using “blunt and strong” materials, this house will captivate you in all seasons.

Captivating views and blunt material make for stunning new zealand architecture

2.  Flint House

Envisioned as a family home by Roger Walker in 1969, this house makes use of plenty of windows and skylights to connect it to the exterior. This is a house you want to live in, not a statement or an accessory.

3.  Muriwai House

Located on a cliff above Muriwai beach, this hilltop house designed by Godward Guthrie Architecture Limited reminds passers-by of a type of storm shelter, made out of beautifully complementary concrete and wood. We can picture the owners grabbing an Ambient Lounge Butterfly Sofa outdoor bean bag and relaxing on its spacious deck - listening to the waves crashing down below. Now that's heaven on earth.

4.  Red House

No it's not the famous Jimmy Hendrix tune or an Amsterdam parlour! Hidden in the bush, this gem of a house, designed by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects (Auckland) Ltd stands out with its bold use of the pohutukawa red. Using simple materials, the Red House is adequately illuminated by natural light and has a huge suspended deck that is perfect for Ambient’s Lounge cosy bean bags.

Red House in Auckland is a beautiful contrast with the landscape

5.  Sayes Stock House

This house doesn’t rely on a huge budget, but it gets the job done. Designed by Henri Sayes, the Sayes Stock House proves that if you have imagination, you can achieve your goals even with modest resources. Built for everyday needs, this house will stand out with its simpleness and grace.

Auckland (as you would imagine) is the home of some of the most beautifully designed houses in New Zealand. Get inspired with these five examples of outstanding local architecture