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How to Create a Home Theatre

08 Nov 2021

Now that lockdowns have become even more strict in New Zealand, Kiwis are left with no other choice but to stay at home. People everywhere had to get creative and think of ways to keep themselves from getting bored and still live as normally as possible. Some got into gardening, others decided to learn how to bake, while some had the greatest idea ever to create a home theatre.

Back in the day, home theatres were only a thing of extremely wealthy people with more extensive than normal spaces in their houses to have a big screen and seats and create the perfect theatre at home. It used to be an extravagance, but with all the options that have made the technology, accessories, and furniture more affordable and accessible, everybody can have and create their own home theatre.

Pick your Space

Your home theatre does not have to be a separate room. It can simply be your living room or your bedroom. However, if you decide to have it in a different room, then that is also okay. Remember that a home theatre requires a number of things like your preferred high definition TV or screen, soundbars, or other types of speakers, the perfect seats like bean bags, and some would even add insulation for better sound quality.

When you choose a space, remember that the ideal distance of your bean bags from your screen is at least 1.5 to 2.5 times the screen’s diagonal length. Also, consider the number of people that you intend to have in your home theatre. This will help you decide the type of seats to get and the space you need to allot.

Insulation & Soundproofing

One of the most significant differences you can do to your home when you add a home theatre is soundproofing and adding insulation. Having the best speakers and TV is fantastic, but imagine watching a fight scene with explosions and gunshots, then suddenly everything on your table starts to shake and fall. This can be avoided when you insulate your home theatre as the sound will be absorbed by the insulation you intend to put on your walls and floor.

Soundproofing your home theatre will also mean peace for the rest of the household. If you have a room that you have decided to convert into a home theatre, this will feel like a completely different element in your house. By soundproofing your home theatre, you trap the vibration and the sounds inside the room and avoid disrupting the rest of the family.

Picking your Tech

There are a lot of specs to look at when choosing a screen or a TV for your home theatre. What is your budget, and how big is the space? You can buy a 100-inch TV, but putting it in a small area would not be the best idea. Let’s make it simpler. OLED, LED, UHD, 4K, 40 inches, 100 inches, and it goes on. This goes the same with audio equipment. Some still go with a wires surround sound system, but the 21st century has given birth to a more straightforward and less complicated system: soundbars and Bluetooth speakers!

The video and audio equipment are the two things that define the quality of viewing in a home theatre. Before you pick your tech out, do not forget to consider the size of your space and your budget. A home theatre does not mean spending your life savings. You just have to be smart and innovative.

Chair Choices

Last but certainly not least! The seats you will decide to put into your home theatre can make or break your plans. A great movie is best enjoyed when you have a comfortable chair that supports your body as you relax.

Ambient Lounge has the best bean bags known to man. Choose from a selection of bean bag chairs from modular sets to single loungers and sofas. Here are a few of our recos and where you can get the perfect home theatre chair in New Zealand.

  • Ambient Lounge Avatar Lounger - Let’s start with the absolute star for home theatres: the Avatar Lounger. Sit back, relax and put your feet up while watching your favourite movie. This is a one-of-a-kind bean bag lounger that lets you have a reclined backrest and feel like a king...or queen! You do not need an extra ottoman for this. The Avatar Lounger is the bomb. Of course, we did not forget to create a piece that is perfect for date nights. Twin Avatar Loungers are basically the same perfect bean bag lounger that comes in a designed pair. Snuggle and cuddle with bae or spend the night bonding with the kids.

  • Ambient Lounge Acoustic Sofa - Dare to dream of the coolest looking chair that you can ever own? Ambient Lounge created the Acoustic Sofa bean bags to provide you with a shell of comfort. You haven’t seen a bean bag lounger in such a figure! Place a couple of these in your home theatre, and your friends will be begging to have movie nights at your place.

Final Thoughts

A home theatre can go several ways if not done right. Go and log on to your go-to online stores in New Zealand and get the stuff that you need! The right TV, audio system, insulation, and the best thing ever: Ambient Lounge bean bags!

Choose from a variety of colours and different types of fabric. All of our chairs are extremely easy to clean and maintain. Some are even waterproof, so no worries if you have rowdy friends over during movie nights. Create the perfect home theatre now with Ambient Lounge.


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