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Keeping Dogs Comfortable Outdoors: A Pet Bed Built for Your Belgian Malinois

13 Oct 2021
by James Brandon

Often thought to be the lesser kin of a German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, and German Shepherds are unrelated breeds. This breed was initially bred in Belgium as working dogs to herd cattle. Eventually, they were brought into much heavier tasks during World War II.

Mals are recognized as one of the most hard-working and loyal breeds there is. Because of their unique skills and characteristics, this breed is meant for homes and employed as service dogs in the military and police force. Another great thing is that Belgian Malinois are such tough working dogs that are just creating a safe space for them on your porch or your backyard is great after a long day of training.

Belgian Malinois lying on grey dog bed

Getting to Know the Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois is a highly athletic breed that weighs from 40-80 pounds and stands at 22-24 inches. Mals are very low maintenance, especially when it comes to their coat. Their colors come in black, chocolate, liver, brown, and fawn in a short coat. A Belgian Malinois is known for its loyalty to its human partner that is as close to unbreakable. Being employed and given tasks to do with its owner keeps the Belgian Malinois happy and sharp.

Belgian Malinois sitting on grey dog bed

Proper Care & Feeding

Having a short waterproof coat makes the Belgian Malinois a low-maintenance breed that does not require much grooming. Frequent brushing is as far as grooming goes for this breed. Use a grooming mitt or a bristle brush to get rid of trapped dirt and loose hair.

Healthwise, the Belgian Malinois is known to be a pretty sturdy breed that does not have many health issues. However, like any other dog, regularly check the ears, eyes, and feet for any dirt that can cause bacterial infection.

Mals spend a lot of their time training and getting their daily exercise, and providing them with quality food in the right amount, whether store-bought, ready-made, or homemade, is the responsible thing to do as a pet owner. Before whipping up homemade dog food in your kitchen, make sure that you use ingredients that are safe for your dog to avoid any complications. Remember that not everything that you eat is okay to be fed to your dog.

Belgian Malinois sitting on grey dog bed

Training & Exercise

Do not expect a Belgian Malinois to sit on your couch and spend the day napping with you. This breed is one of the most intelligent and athletic breeds, and a sedentary life will mean a frustrated Mal for you. Having a Belgian Malinois as a dog means having the perfect companion to go with you on hikes, long jogs and even assist you in herding work.

When trained, a Belgian Malinois is also good for protection and security. As compared to other dogs, a Belgian Malinois’ prey drive is relatively higher. This means that if untrained, Mals could likely chase cars, animals, and people. A part of their training means socializing with other dogs and humans to avoid aggression once they are older.

Belgian Malinois lying on grey dog bed

Creating a Safe Space for a Belgian Malinois

Although you can choose to keep your Belgian Malinois indoors, you could always give them a safe and comfortable space out in the yard for them to rest in after a hard and productive day of training. Remember always to have a clean bowl of water and what a better way to relax than hopping on to a cozy pet bed?

Ambient Lounge dog beds create the perfect spot for your loyal companion to take a break or rest the night. Our dog beds come in various sizes where you can get large for your Mal or spoil them with the space of having an extra-large dog bed.

You may worry about the constant dirt that your Belgian Malinois can carry on the dog bed, but you can rest easy knowing that your Ambient Lounge dog bed is waterproof and super easy to clean. Even if Mals are built to withstand cold weather, it won’t hurt to give them that plush faux fur feels to keep them cozy. At the same time, if this does ever get dirty, you can always easily detach the top and give it a gentle wash.

Our pet beds come in a selection of colours and sizes that you can choose from. Whoever said that the outdoors could not be comfortable is wrong. Likewise, whoever said that tough dog breeds like Belgian Malinoises could not have a fab and luxurious dog bed? Get your Mal the dog bed that he deserves here at Ambient Lounge.