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The Pandemic & New Zealand Furniture - Market Trends that have set in for 2021 & 2022

21 Mar 2021
by James Brandon

Modular New Zealand bean bag furniture by Ambient Lounge

Furniture in New Zealand has changed since the first wave of Covid19 hit the world in early 2020, forcing a new world of consumer behavior that has fast-tracked development in some areas by 10+ years

New Zealand mums, dads and grandma's & are now using zoom, people are more home conscious and a high % are now working from home (rather than in traditional offices), pretty much everyone in NZ are now shopping online for goods and supply channels have changed with the restriction of international travel and other flow on effects.

Whilst the pandemic in New Zealand wasnt felt like other parts of the world such as Europe (where people could not leave their homes for substantial periods of time) ... it's still deeply affected retail.

Here are some key snapshot trends in New Zealand furniture since the pandemic:

1. Overseas manufactured furniture is now more difficult to buy and more expensive to purchase.

What this means is that New Zealand (or Australian) made goods are now more cost competitive in the local market and certainly have more favorable lead times. This is especially so with solid timber furniture which is far more costly now to ship and can be made locally.

This has made the best Kiwi and Aussie luxury furniture brands (such as #ambientlounge) higher profile in local markets and getting the recognition they deserve vs the ubiquitous global giants.

2. The rise & rise of the New Zealand Home Office Design

Niche office spaces within homes are now the norm. Whether its a study den or a fully decked out work-from-home dedicated room - the kiwi home office is here to stay. Bosses have realized it's more productive and much cheaper for trusted employees to limit their time in the office and on the road - when they could be working within a comfortable environment with the family a stone's throw away.

Clever breakout areas are a must for both wellbeing and workplace privacy at home. you'll now find high power NZ execs making million dollar decisions perched on their designer bean bags rather than stiff Auckland boardroom chairs.

3. Big Ticket NZ Furniture is being bought online - without retail or showroom visits

Considered furniture choices from trusted online retailers and brands are being made sight unseen by the New Zealand consumer. The pandemic has made this firstly a necessity and then a habit.

It's far easier to anonymously search and compare online than track around the high street and walking into often intimidating furniture spaces. With retailers such as Ambient Lounge offering free swatch services - and low cost returns - this lowers the risk of a wrong furniture fabric choices or incorrect texture.

4. The increase in New Zealand of Soft, Flexible, versatile Furniture for indoors & outdoors

The pandemic was all about the pivot in lifestyle - and this is the same with your home furniture. Lightweight Chairs that could be moved freely into outdoor spaces became more sought after lifestyle choices. Beautiful Fabrics such as #Sunbrella which offer worry free indoor/outdoor living (you can spill beers on it, clean easily, let it be outside in the elements and it won't fade) are now sought after for hoem spaces that are adapting to our new pandemic lifestyles.

Lightweight outdoor furniture such as the structured Ambient Lounge Butterfly sofa fit the bill. They are just as home in a living room as on a balcony or patio and look beautiful in all environments. They can also be moved and used by anyone, young or old.

5. The astonishing growth of Home Cinema & relaxation movie furniture.

Netflix & Chill indeed! .... New Zealand Cinemas shut down and public activities were restricted so everyone spent 2020/21 as a homebody familys who treasured their movie or sport nights in. Affordable big screen TVs, epic sound systems and gold class relaxation furniture replaced going out to the movies or pubs in 2020/21. This trend is here to stay as our home experiences become more luxurious than the cinemas themselves - and let's not forget the fridge and the pantry are normally only a few seconds away! All makes for investing your hard earned money in a luxury cinema space at home rather than the false economy of going out every weekend and paying top dollar.

Ambient Lounge® provides soft luxury for your New Zealand home. Our loungers are comfy, cozy, flexible, and lightweight transportable lightweight so people can enjoy anywhere they desire. If you’re creating your home relaxation space and would like to discuss your concept with Ambient Lounge® please live chat us or give us a call on 0800 466 106. Our interior design team will be delighted to discuss & make it happen.