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Top 4 Ways to Make a Relaxing Outdoor Area at Home

30 Dec 2021
by James Brandon

Some people get relaxed when they see greenery, while some prefer a dark area with dimmed lights or a bonfire. We are so occupied and stressed doing many things that we need a little bit of relaxation once in a while. People long to feel relaxed because this allows us to load up on energy and be more productive.

The science behind it is that feeling relaxed increases the blood flow in one’s body, allowing the mind to feel more calm and clear. When we need to relax, we often go to a spa, a resort, or a zen garden. However, during these times it is best to stay at home. Having your own calm and relaxing space is the way to go!

Here are 4 ways to make a relaxing outdoor area at home. We’ll even throw in a few suggestions on where to get the best outdoor bean bags in New Zealand.

Start with Cleaning

Clearing your mind can start with a clutter-free environment. If you have a backyard, front yard, or even a balcony that you have nominated to be your relaxation area, getting rid of unnecessary objects and dirt is the first step.

This will allow you to maximize the space and make sure that you won’t catch any allergies because of dust or maybe shoo away unwanted insects. During the cleaning process, you will also be able to see what needs repairing and make better plans of how you want to redecorate.

Make it Private

It is better to relax when you have privacy. This way, you do not have to worry about people interrupting your time or getting too comfortable when you relax. When you create a relaxing space outdoors, consider installing fences, a tent, or maybe a cabana or gazebo if your area is not fenced or not separated from the rest of the house. This will not only make your area more private but also make it prettier.

Add What Pleases You

Again, people have different ways of relaxing. Think of what makes you feel most relaxed and add it to your outdoor space! You can hire a landscaper or even make it your DIY project. Once your space is ready, it’s up to you if you want to relax near a fire pit, by a pool or jacuzzi or maybe just the right seats to keep you cozy. Remember that it is important that you are happy with your relaxation space.

Choose Comfortable Seating

You can have the perfect space, the best landscape or even pretty lights, but one of the key elements of creating an outdoor relaxation space is getting the best seating there is. Ambient Lounge believes that soft luxury is for everybody and should be experienced wherever you want.

Good thing that our outdoor bean bag chairs come in styles designed for outdoor use. This way, you do not have to endure hard garden or lawn chairs. You can enjoy a perfectly good and soft bean bag while breathing fresh New Zealand air. Here are a few of our recos when it comes to outdoor bean bags:

  • Butterfly Sofa - our Butterfly sofas are our bean bag fan favourites. Because people love it so much, we made sure that you can enjoy a Butterfly Sofa while relaxing outside. Read a book or binge-watch your favourite movie while seated in a sturdy yet soft bean bag. Pair it with matching ottomans and versa tables and you’ve got yourself the perfect outdoor set-up.

  • Satellite Luxury Twin Sofa - These extra-large quilted waterproof outdoor bean bags make you feel like sitting on the best cloud that ever existed. Pieces like this automatically take you to a 5-star luxury hotel experience. Enjoy the space for yourself or lounge with a friend!

  • Avatar Lounger - Literally sit back and relax with Ambient Lounge’s Avatar Lounger. This bean bag chair is one of your outdoor relaxation must-haves as it guarantees full-body support and relaxation. Are you the type who enjoys basking under the sun? This is the best bean bag chair you will ever get to sit on that lets you recline and rest your legs up.

Ambient Lounge outdoor bean bags are great additions to your outdoor relaxation spot. Not only do they look stunning, but they are everything that you need in an outdoor chair. Our outdoor bean bag loungers and chairs are designed to be waterproof and weatherproof! Lined with solution-dyed fabric that raises its UV protection up to the highest level possible.

This means that leaving it under the blazing heat of the sun would not be an issue. Rain, hail, or storm, you can always leave your bean bags outside and come back, and it will still look and feel fabulous.

Final Thoughts

We all know how much the people in New Zealand love to spend their time outdoors. Get cleaning, start planning and purchase the star of any space an Ambient Lounge bean bag! Since lockdowns are still going on and staying at home is still the safest way to protect yourself from any virus, go on and create your very own relaxation area at home.


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