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Your Go-To Dog Bed for Golden Retrievers

13 Oct 2021
by James Brandon

Golden Retrievers are medium-sized Scottish dogs that have become quite a stunner as working dogs. This breed is extremely good at hunting, tracking, sniffing, and even do well as therapy and service dogs. Don’t be surprised if you see them guiding a vision-impaired person or even in a police canine uniform.

They are seen all over New Zealand as Kiwis grew a fonding of these dogs. Good thing NZ has a lot of dog-friendly areas where these active Golden retrievers can play around with their dog friends and lounge outdoors.

The level of skill and trainability of Golden Retrievers is something to adore about this breed. To ensure that your pooch lives a long and happy life, give them the proper care and spoil them by just a tad with treats and toys. Take the time to look for the perfect dog bed for a Golden Retriever. Match these with cozy blankets and cushions, and you’re good to go!

Golden Retriever lying on grey dog bed

Proper Care

Golden Retrievers make great family dogs. They are extremely affectionate, sensitive, and friendly to other dogs and strangers. Some people worry about having big dogs at home, especially when there are kids in the family. However, Golden Retrievers are excellent with kids. Having said that, Golden Retrievers are great family dogs that are very affectionate; leaving them alone for long hours may not be the best idea. Your Golden Retriever will love you so much that long hours left at home without anyone would lead to a frustrated dog that may run into a lot of trouble.

When you get a Golden Retriever, expect to spend a lot of time on their coat. We all know how gorgeous that hair is, but it takes a tremendous amount of brushing and grooming. Weekly sessions of brushing are needed if you want to maintain your Golden’s beautiful coat. Avoid giving this breed frequent baths as this can ruin the natural oil of their coat that keeps it shiny. Other than brushing, you may need to bring your vet to the groomer or learn how to trim their ears, nails, and feet yourself.

Golden Retrievers are very active breeds. Supporting them with the right amount and type of food is the responsible thing to do. When feeding your dog, please take note of certain changes, especially when you feed them something other than their usual, since this may affect their digestion and even their coat and skin.

Golden Retriever lying on grey dog bed

Coming Home to The Perfect Bed

Golden Retrievers are not couch potato dogs. They enjoy getting their daily exercise and training, as well as being employed. After a long day of work, like you, a Golden Retriever would appreciate coming home to a bed that they can call their own.

Show your Golden pooch some love by getting them a luxury dog bed from Ambient Lounge. You may wonder if there is a fit dog bed for Golden Retrievers here in New Zealand. Luckily, Ambient Lounge is that passionate that every dog gets to enjoy a soft and cozy pet bed. Our dog beds are made in various colors and sizes, so you don’t have to worry!

Not only is this Golden Retriever bed perfect for your dog, but it also gives you as fur-moms and dads the benefit of not having to spend so much time cleaning it. Each dog bed for Golden Retrievers is waterproof and chew-proof, so you don’t need to worry about coming home to a mess. Get the best and go-to dog bed for Golden Retrievers by visiting our website.