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Funnelweb™ System Legal Warning:

The Funnelweb™ is a trademark of Ambient Lounge® Ltd.
The Funnelweb™ patent protected Worldwide by Ambient Lounge® Ltd.

Invented by the director of Ambient Lounge® more than half a decade ago, this two-part system of transferring bead or any other sofa material. It is a system that has major commercial advantages for bean bag suppliers and retailers. Anybody or any company who knowingly is found to copy this invention or breach this patent will be heavily prosecuted. If you have any questions about this, or would like to approach Ambient Lounge about licensing the Funnelweb™ - please feel free to contact us on

Brand Names:

Ambient Lounge® is a registered Trade Mark of Ambient Lounge Ltd Worldwide

Ambient Lounge® Sub brand names, such as those below (but not limited to) are trade mark protected within the category of bean bags and soft furniture:

  • Evolution Sofa
  • Studio Lounger
  • Roma Sofa
  • Zen Lounger
  • Conversion Lounger
  • Fiorenze Sofa
  • Butterfly Sofa
  • Acoustic Sofa
  • Versa Table
  • Twin Couch

These sub brands are known and used worldwide by official Ambient Lounge® distributors . Any individual, manufacturer or any company within the industry or category found to be using these names without permission or passing off as Ambient Lounge® branded goods will be heavily prosecuted

Images and Text

Ambient Lounge have invested heavily in their unique photography and copywrite IP.

All Ambient Lounge Images and text are strict property the IP of Ambient Lounge® Ltd.
Violators of the use of these images, text or IP rights will be heavily prosecuted