Small ThermoCool Multi-Purpose Dog Mat
Small ThermoCool Multi-Purpose Dog Mat Small ThermoCool Multi-Purpose Dog Mat Small ThermoCool Multi-Purpose Dog Mat Small ThermoCool Multi-Purpose Dog Mat thermo cool multipurpose dog mat by ambient lounge

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Small ThermoCool Multi-Purpose Dog Mat

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This is a light gray fabric that’s not susceptible to visible dirt perfect for a carefree outdoor adventure or even just in an interior stay. This is a vibrant straight-red fabric that’s modern and bold and makes a statement of contrast colour and happiness in any interior or outdoors environment.
  • Can help your pet cool down during warm weather
  • can aid swelling, pain, discomfort, and stress
  • contains 100% non-toxic gel, safe for humans and animals
  • no refrigeration required but still can be put inside the fridge for enhanced cooling
  • relief for dogs prone to heat-stroke, hip dysplasia, cushing's disease, allergy, post-surgery, allergies, and post-chemotherapy
  • can be used with pet beds and thermal covers

Ambient Lounge® silver class elements™ bean bags are waterproof and UV resistant - and made from very thick, durable 1200D and 1600D high quality nylon fabrics with rubber backing, made to cope with the rain, hail or shine harsh Australian outdoor conditions. Water, beer, white wine and other non-staining liquids run off the surface and can literally be wiped clean. Food, mud and other reasonable scuff stains can be washed clean with soap and water - just like washing a car. Durability, easy cleaning maintenance and style/comfort are reasons why commercial establishments like the Moonlight Cinema and Burswood outdoor cinema use these ambient lounge products with confidence.

Watch: How water just runs off the surface and easily wipes clean for easy outdoor maintenance.

Love Outdoor Living? Waterproof, UV protected fabrics make Ambient Lounge® outdoor bean bags awesome

WATCH: Why Washing Ambient Lounge® Bean Bags are as Easy as Cleaning your Car

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