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red kids bean bags
red kids bean bags red space pod with a girl lounge in a red bean bag cozy red bean bag Roulette Red (pre filled) Roulette Red (pre filled)

Space Pod Bean Bags

Roulette Red (pre filled)

SpacePod Futuristic Comfort
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Ambient Lounge® Space Pod- Roulette Red

We're going out on a limb here and calling the Ambient Lounge Space Pod the World's most comfortable bean bag chair! Sitting is believing with the two layers of smooth lycra that move to mould your body amidst billions of pre-filled microbeads. The stretchable fabric shapes and supports you with a feeling of blissful weightlessness. Importantly, it is designed so the second level of lycra is stronger and supportive whilst the top cover is stretchy, soft and supple. If moon-walking pioneer Neil Armstrong was here i'm sure he would say that the Space Pod is "a small seat for man but a giant leap in bean bag sophistication and comfort". Be quick!

The Space Pod comes pre-filled with cathartic microbeads, delivered to your door in a large gift box. Available for delivery New Zealand-wide.

WATCH: Space Pod Bean Bag is the perfect bean bag for your kids

A red space-age matt sheen is the best way to describe this colour and texture of the high quality Ambient Lounge lycra product. Catching the light reflections depending on the angle that you look at it, the colour will change to give it that uber expensive designer look. Admiring "in the flesh" is always better than in a photo.

Not one but TWO layers of thick Lycra is a dual purpose. One is strength, the top layer of lycra is more flexible and soft, perfect for body feel and can be removed as a cover. The second layer is designed for strength, it's less flexible so it gives less give and allows more support and allows the product to bouceback. The result? The feeling of anti-gravity.

  • Dual layers of high quality lycra
  • Fabric moves under your body for blissful comfort
  • Pre-filled cathartic Microbeads
  • Weightless anti-stress comfort
  • YKK Safety Locking Zip
Ambient Lounge
Space Pod

Dimensions of Space Pod Filled:

Height 65 cm
Width 75 cm
Depth 75cm
Weight 8.5 kg

Ambient Lounge® silver class elements™ bean bags are waterproof and UV resistant - and made from very thick, durable 1200D and 1600D high quality nylon fabrics with rubber backing, made to cope with the rain, hail or shine harsh Australian outdoor conditions. Water, beer, white wine and other non-staining liquids run off the surface and can literally be wiped clean. Food, mud and other reasonable scuff stains can be washed clean with soap and water - just like washing a car. Durability, easy cleaning maintenance and style/comfort are reasons why commercial establishments like the Moonlight Cinema and Burswood outdoor cinema use these ambient lounge products with confidence.

Watch: How water just runs off the surface and easily wipes clean for easy outdoor maintenance.

Love Outdoor Living? Waterproof, UV protected fabrics make Ambient Lounge® outdoor bean bags awesome

WATCH: Why Washing Ambient Lounge® Bean Bags are as Easy as Cleaning your Car

The Space Pod comes pre-filled with cathartic microbeads, delivered to your door in a large gift box. Please note that due to the huge cost of Aussiewide logistics, the Limited Edition Pre-Release stock is currently Available to Melbourne Metro customers only

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